Here Comes The Sun…………….

So hurricane ‘Beryl’ has buggered off ( right name for a hurricane – Beryl) and thankfully the Florida Sunshine has returned – it took till dinner time but it’s back now- hopefully for good. No more depressed weather thank you very much- depressed weather- you’ve got to love the Americans!!!

No theme park today, just a nice relaxing day by the pool- well apart from the time spent diving in and out of the pool with Jack ( most of the day!) So time to have a little think about the holiday so far……….

Disney- now Disney seem to be in the middle of a makeover,they seem to have finally realised that the ‘Magic of Mickey’ is no longer enough to keep people coming. Add to that the fact that Universal are close to out doing them in the best ride stakes and you can see why they need to make the changes.Having been here numerous times before I would like to suggest that they bring the prices down for their food cos to be honest they ought to change their name to Dick Turpin- daylight robbery, your not kidding!

There is much that stays the same at Disney though- the nicey nicey way they do everything. The way they aim everything at kids to encourage parents to cough up more of their hard earned dosh. Take the bibbide bobbidee boutique ( something like that) the beauty parlour to turn your little girl ( thank god I’ve got a boy) into a Disney Princess- well they do one you’ve coughed up copious amounts of $. The only problem is they look less princess more ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ slapper. Garish outfits, plastic shoes and ridiculous amounts of face slap and glitter. Not really the best look for a 5 year old- but the place is full of mini-slappers, its awful – poor kids!!!

Pool Day done

hollywood studios tomorrow

Bring it on

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