Busy Bee – That’s Me………….

So many jobs, so little time. Will I ever be ready for our family holiday – not if Jack’s school has anything to do with it. They seem to be having a homework festival, bliss – Iwish I’d never mentioned I worked in a school at parents evening cos now his English teacher keeps sending me little messages, suggesting things I could do with Jack – bless her.  Don’t get me wrong I like to do all I can to help – English is not his best subject – but I seem to be doing more than she does. Monday – can you help him with his short story – max 500 words, Tuesday really sorry it should have said min 500, max 1000 words can you help him extend it – yeah sure(!!!) Wednesday, seen as Jack’s away next week can you type up and email me his story so I can level it – great I’ve just helped Jack do his assessment piece. Now his maths teacher’s joined in – translation of shapes anyone!!! Message from Miss – can you help Jack finish off this topic as you’re away next week. Now it would help if I knew what translation of shape was – so I’ve just spent an hour on KS3 bitesize ( cos I’ve really got t ime to spare!!)  – still it will pass the hours on the airplane showing Jack how to do it!!! I think next parents evening I might be telling them I’ve swapped jobs.

So no running done, but lots of dashing about . Suitcases are out, clothes are hung-up ready to pack and I’ve nearly finished putting the entire house in the washing machine – stand still – you’re in. Poor guinea pigs a nervous wreck…..

Hoping for a sneaky run tomorrow

will Jack’s Art Teacher have other ideas?

Bring it on!


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