A Quick Rugby Rant…………

Can someone please tell me why I went to this mornings Junior Rugby game wearing my thermals, big coat , furry boots and gloves – it’s May for christsakes. Why. Why Why!!!. You’ve got to love the fact that the RFL’s selling point for this ridiculous Summer Rugby was that we could watch from the touchline in much warmer weather, Erm…………………….. One warm day, that’s all we’ve had, then we’ve has snow, ice, waterlogged pitches, fog and cancelled games , well one game cancelled but some ae groups have had loads. Then they expect us to play games when 99.9% of teams are heading to the Millenium Weekend ( 7 superleague games in one place in one weekend) We’ve got 7 players left – no game for us. Then there’s the spring bank situation – School Holidays – Lets have a fixture, what a joke. Now we’ve got different leagues setting up new Winter leagues, wanting us all to join………..Come on RFL, get a grip, you’re ruining the game……………..

On the plus side we won today – Junior Challenge Cup Final – here we come!!

  Less ranting

More running

Bring it on


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