Incident Free Running……………..Maybe One Day

So another day another SAT’s test, but wahoo, the main ones are over with now, time to relax – sort of! Looking forward to tomorrow now, time for the ‘Big Dance 2012’, all our hard work will hopefully pay off. If year six do as well with it tomorrow as they did today I’ll be well chuffed – they’re ace, all of them – brought a tear to my eye, bless them!

Work done, Asda Big shop out of the way, it was time to run. Strange how the weather warmed up when we started running, it’s been bloody freezing all day. Another great run – almost!!  Tight calves (me) at the top of the two mile climb that starts the route meant lots of dodgy stretching on the roadside. Then it was a sore foot (my mate) more dodgy stretching. We avoided the low flying pheasant – it was laying low at the side of the road…………dead!!  Thumper and bugs seemed to have suffered the same fate – who needs Planet Earth Live – just run round Woolley! Finally it was the battle of the brambles (my Mate) part of a bush attached to her foot and next minute she was wrapped up in it. Once I’d stopped laughing I pulled it off her and she wiped the blood from her lacerated (slight exaggeration but a better effect!) legs before we continued on our way. A nice steady run that probably would have been faster if it had been incident free – but then what would I blog about……………….

8 miles in 1:18:45

Big Dance tomorrow

Bring it on

Link to the Big Dance if you want to see what we’ve had to learn

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