Keep On Running…………………..

Me watching DIY SOS

Well I was going to do a ‘woe is me’ blog tonight. It’s fair to say I’m not feeling at my best at the moment, I’d forgotten just how rough being iron deficient can make me feel. I spent half the night sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for the dizzy spells and sickness to pass, and had it not been for SAT’s at work I could have honestly stayed home. But I’ve just watched DIY SOS (flaming programme made me cry – again!) that poor guy on there with motor neurone disease kind of put everything into perspective. So to hell with it, I’ll keep running and take my chances, as you never know what’s round the corner. In a month or two’s time I’ll be back to normal (well as normal as I can be for me!!) that guy won’t.  The fact of the matter is there is always someone been dealt a tougher blow than you, might as well just get on with it…..So I am.


So after a shaky start to the day, it’s fair to say I brightened up a bit when I got all the answers on the maths paper right (well I would have done if I’d been doing it!) I know, I know, they’re tests for 11 year olds, but honestly you should see some of the questions they get – can’t wait for level six next week (I’ve no chance!!) To further brighten my day I had the cricket to look forward to – never in a million years did I expect to be saying that!!  Yep the Sri Lankan dudes were back in school – only downside was we had an even number of kids so I couldn’t play – boo – might have to injure one of them before next week!! (I AM JOKING) Anyway we had a full on quick cricket game today – it was ace – don’t think the Sri Lankan dude fully understood my shouts  of encouragement though. ‘has your bat got a hole in it?’ self explanatory really ‘Come on butter fingers’ well I can see where he’s coming from, I think he’s finally concluded I’m stark raving mad, got to agree with him if I’, being honest!

So with my mood lifted I headed home to see if the housework fairy had been – wishful thinking really as she buggered off to Cyprus at the start of the week ( Hope your having a fab time X) So with the lads golfing (again) I took full advantage and whizzed through the house (all 4 floors) like a woman possesed, job done. Give it half a day it will be like a bombsite again – still nice while it lasts!!!


Mood lifted

Running tomorrow

Bring it on

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  1. adyblady
    May 17, 2012 @ 07:56:16

    Hello Jack’s Mum (also I guess, known as ‘Dawn’!). I’m right glad I found this blog. It was that stuffing DIY SOS that’s to blame as I googled whether anyone had seen it last night and up you popped. SOOOO glad I was in the living room on my own as I don’t look good when I cry (I confess that snot as well as tears were involved….did you really want to know that?…..nope……thought not…..).
    By coincidence, I am also a runner; and also write a blog which I think you might like. However this is not an ‘I am only reading your blog so I can advertise mine’ message; more an ‘I was blubbing with you’ kind of message! If you are interested though, I think you will have my e-mail address (I have to fill it in to post this comment), so drop me a line. Or reply to this comment, as from here on in, I will be watching, and reading!!


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