Ne’er Cast a Clout till May Be Out……………….

So we’re halfway through May and half my summer wardrobe is still packed away – is it ever going to warm up. I’ve been braving the sandals for nearly a week now, but in all honesty by the time I’d done playground duty this afternoon my toes were blue. I didn’t even make it out for Wendy-ball, I was that cold (plus I was knackered, but that’s another story!). Don’t get me wrong it’s perfect running weather, but I’m not running 24/7 – really, I’m not!! Looks like digging the shoes back out for tomorrow, and a coat, hat and scarf.

I really hope it warms up for Friday, or it looks like doing the ‘Big Dance’ in my thermals – we’re doing it on the playground now so we can all do it together,  no doubt it will be lashing it down come 1 ‘0 clock – more singing in the rain than contemporary classic!!

Had a great run tonight, just a little five miler to ease my running mates half- marathon legs (New PB Gill Day – well done) another new path found. We’re getting really good at finding new routes now. Still not sure why I randomly ran up a pile of mud near the end but I just had the urge to do it, must be my age………………..

5.2 miles done

date with the housework fairy tomorrow (pft)

Bring it on

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