Cr -arrrrgghhhh-amp…………….

Why is it when you need the perfect nights sleep, it just doesn’t happen. Last sleep before SAT’s week begins and I get a visit from the cramp fairy – not once – but three bleeding times. Crashing and banging round a bedroom at three in a morning does not make for good sleeping. So  it’s fair to say that come time to get up I was feeling a little grumpy, irritable and an all round ratty arse – great!!! To be honest I’m getting a bit p’d off with this cramp thing – it’s the third time in a week – not good when you have a real phobia  (think blind panic!) for it. Don’t think hubby’s too chuffed with me diving about at silly ‘o’ clock either. To make matters even worse I’ve googled night cramps – why, why, why do we self diagnose.  Now I don’t know whether I’ve got Idiopathic Cramp ( seems the obvious choice, what with me being a bit of an idiot at times) or secondary cramp – what’s a girl to do………………….. well a run might help!

Anyway, back to the SAT’s, day one is now in the bag – reading comprehension done – wahoo. Just the short and long writing, spelling, mental maths and maths paper A & B to go – easy, not- somebody remind me why we put 10 and 11 year old kids through this. Only three more days to go……………..

 So come home time I was ready for a run. Physically it probably wasn’t the best idea but mentally- boy did I need it. With no Nike+ sportswatch (never works) to time me – it died within a minute of setting off – it was just me and the windy open road, bliss. Just a short run, cleared the head and the crampy legs, now I just need the cramp fairy to bugger off and let me sleep and I’ll be ready for anything SAT’s can throw at us tomorrow…………….

4.2 miles done

A longer run tomorrow

Bring it on


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