Rugby, Wendy-Ball, Golf and a few photos………………

Well if it was big coat weather yesterday, today thermals were required.( It’s May – please warm up) Why is it when you stand at the side of a junior rugby league pitch to watch a game, a howling wind appears!!!

Instead of a walk this morning we decided to go watch some of the older age groups play up at Crigglestone – a walk would definately have been the warmer option – Summer Rugby – who are they kidding – it was warmer in November!!! On the plus side watching the rugby meant more practise with my camera – 3000 pictures I’ve taken this weekend- got some cracking shots, even if I do say so myself, and some bleeding awful ones – still practise makes perfect. Trouble is I think some people are starting to get a little bit sick of me taking random photos when they least expect – but they’re the best ones to take. They’ll thank me when I’m famous and photos of them are on show for all to see (A girl can dream)

Junior Games over it was back into the warmth to watch………………….Rugby – yep Challenge cup weekend – loads of games on. Wish I’d have taken a picture of hubby though as he watched the rugby while watching both Wendy-ball games on Sky go -one on the ipad and one on his phone – Saddo!! Apparently the blue Wendy-ballers won and so did the the red ones – but the blues won the league – Yaawwnnn ( Don’t worry I know the blues were Man City and the red team Liverpool Man Utd!!!).

Now the golf’s on – never ending fun in the Earnshaw household………………..Think I may have a photo or 3000 to edit.

Lots of sport watched – none done

SAT’s start tomorrow (Eek)

Bring it On

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