Running, Rugby and Roundabouts………….

I’m feeing much happier now!!!!

So the day dawned with glorious sunshine – perfect weather for watching rugby and thanks to the chilly breeze, not bad running weather either. Due to the later KO, I had time to run first, so I decided to run to Oulton(todays opponents). I looked at running all along the canal to Castleford then down to Oulton but at 11 miles it was a little further than I dare run at the moment, so I took the option of coming off the canal at Stanley and finishing the rest of the run by road. It was a lovely run, great views (apart from the drunk asleep on the bench – Well I think he was asleep!) and it finally felt like summer. Come the end of the dual carriagway, I wished I had taken the longer route- slight problem – no path across the roundabout where the motorway meets the dual carriage way. Whoops!! I could have sworn I’d seen a path on Google Earth – now what? Cars were coming too fast for me to stay on the road so I had to climb over the crash barrier – Oh well only trees and grass not too bad – wrong!!!! Try trees, grass and a sheer drop down to………..Well I don’t know what was down there but I really didn’t want to find out!!! Cue plenty of strange looks from drivers as I tottered along through the trees ……

Roundabout conquered I arrived at Oulton with a lovely suntan and plenty of time till KO. Then the sun disappeared – thank god I’d taken my big coat, furry boots and gloves – well let’s be honest you never know what the weather’s going to do.

Rugby game won – go Crigglestone All Blacks – it was time to head home wash the kit (all washed, dried and away – sun came back out!!) and chill. A much happier Dawn today, no tears – although if hubby doesn’t turn the golf off soon, I might start sobbing hysterically!! 7.6 miles doneA walk in the sunshine tomorrowBring it on

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