No Running, No Rugby………Arrgghh!

I’m a little bit sad

So for the first time in a long time I actually put me first, absolutely hated doing it but sometimes needs must. Today I should have been running a marathon around 16 schools in Wakefield (including mine) to help out a local Pastor – Jon Robinson- a great guy, who does loads of fundraising for local charity C.A.P. Unfortunately last months hospital visit (low Iron/hb levels) meant that in reality it was no longer an option. I did sort of remain ever hopeful that come the day I might just be able to do it and in all honesty if it wasn’t for our forth coming holiday I would probably have risked it. But the last fortnights running has been tough at times and as I knew if I started with him this morning I’d end up doing it all  I decided not to start. I’m gutted as I hate giving in but it’s probably best to stick to shorter runs than none at all. Fair to say I had a tear in my eye when he ran into the playground though – maybe next year………………

Thankfully there was plenty to keep me cheerful today – not least year two and the amazing way they’ve picked up the ‘Big Dance’, why has it taken me weeks to perfect and a group of six and seven year olds get it in no time? Kids- you’ve got to love em, I’m in the wrong  job if I don’t!

Friday night is usually ‘rugby night’ in the Earnshaw household but there’s none on due to the challenge cup games – what a shit day – no running or rugby!!!! Yep, Friday nights, rugby and a red wine fuelled hubby talking absolute drivel. Well he’s still talking absolute drivel about the………………….golf – aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggh. Do I really care whether Tiger’s gonna miss the cut or not – no. Am I bothered that Rory (not the racing car) has already missed the cut – no again. The only thing that bothers me is that Florida (where the golf’s from) is hot and sunny – guess where I’ll be in two weeks time…..Wahoo!

No miles today

Rugby and running tomorrow

Bring it on

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