Less Arty, More Farty…………………….

So Jack’s teacher was well impressed with his ‘Van Gogh’  masterpiece( see yesterday ) – no mark for it yet, but if it’s not a level 6 I’ll be demanding a stewards enquiry!! (Pushy mum – never)  To be honest I’m amazed he got it there in one piece – the bag he took it in was nearly as big and heavy as him and art is last lesson of the day. Thankfully his tutor let him take it to the art department first thing this morning – he’s just a nice man – not quite the raving gay bloke that Jack described him as – but a ‘nice’ guy all the same.

My ‘arty’ effort, ‘Otis the Owl also went down well at school, so well that I ended up making another one for year six – a new class mascot to help us through our SAT’s next week. He’s a bit fatter than Otis though so we’ve nick-named him ‘chubbs’. Not very ‘PC’ I know, but it was the kid’s idea……. We’ve finished the charity hat now – joint effort, it took some doing – I’ve never sat in one place so long to do something!!!

Maybe it was the sitting in one place so long that caused tonights problem – trapped wind. Not good at the best of times but definately no good when you’re out running. Yep one wrong move and I’d have been flying round the five miles like a rocket – but not even 5 miles of bounding up hill and down dale shifted it. Last time I had it this bad was when I over-dosed on tablets for a suspected stomach ulcer/hernia. I mis-read the instructions and took a months worth of tablets in a week – cured the suspected illness but left me farting for England………………..Anyway a warm bath seem’s to have cured the problem – a nice bubbly bath – can’t think why!!!

5 miles done

wind free tomorrow

Bring it on

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