Parties and Pure Class

So before what’s gone on today, lets go back to last night – family party (silver wedding) you can’t beat them!! Hours of endless fun trying to remember who belongs to who, who’s still married and who’s, well……not! Also a  first for us – saying grace before eating the buffet- thankfully we arrived as the last amen was said, (part’s of our family are from the religion that comes knocking on your door on a Saturday morning – and I don’t mean Hare Krishna!) Still nice buffet – shame about the DJ. Yep, DJ was from another planet – the ‘I’m a knob planet’. If his choice of music was awful, his singing was even worse, but he thought he was Take That……………..

Still it was a good night, downside was the dodgy wine giving me a dodgy stomach and wearing high heels giving me a dive round the bedroom bout of leg cramps (see earlier posts) Can leg cramp give you bruises – cos I’ve got some corkers!!!!

So to today – and another historic day for Crigglestone All Blacks U12’s. Another piece of silverware on the shelf  – The Wakefield Cup. They didn’t just beat today’s opposition they blew them out of the water – 62 unanswered points -Pure Class. Although according to the opposition coach (fondly known to us as ‘that fat, ginger tosser’) the ref gave us the game. Mmmmm, maybe not!!  So a celebration after and a meal out meant no time for a run – just got the 1500 pics I took to sort through and then I can chill………………….


no running

more silverware on the shelf

Bring it On


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