Shopping, School and Stuck

The good thing about local elections is I get the day off, the even better thing is that now Jack’s at high school I get the day off on my own………..Well I would of been on my own but hubby took the day off too. Still the plus side of him being off was he could drive us to Meadow Hell (nearby shopping centre) – I only drive the school run and ‘Asda Big Shop.’

The main aim of our shopping trip – stuff for the holidays. Jack’s sorted, Hubby’s sorted, me – I’m nowhere near sorted. Did I find anything I liked……………… The problem is my age- I just don’t know what I should be wearing these days. I know nearly 41 is not mega old anymore but I really don’t want to wear shorts with my arse cheeks hanging out but nor do I want them knee length with a turn up. I tried on some lovely tops but see-through seems to be all the rage and while I have a nearly six pack – if you turn off the lights and squint – I really don’t want to flash my knockers – or lack of them to all and sundry. In the end I gave in and bought something where age doesn’t matter – new running shoes – team GB here I come.

Shopping spree over, we headed to Jack’s school for parents evening. His first year at high school  is nearly over (eek) and it was time to see how he is doing. Seem’s we’ve produced an angel – no really – hard working, enthusiastic, a pleasure to teach – good to see he takes after me!!!  Proud parents – not arf!!!

So then it was time for rugby, and I was panicking as we drove up as the traffic was chaos and I thought we we’re going to be late – we we’re one of the first there. The motorway was shut, with the coach, my running mate and various team members stuck on it. I did contemplate jogging down the hard shoulder to meet my friend but I’m not sure your allowed!!! still I hung on and waited as I knew she was badly in need of a run having been on hospital watch – in law’s dodgy hip- all week. Thankfully they were finally freed from the motorway and we had nearly as long a run as we had planned anyway – I think she just about got everything of her chest as we flew round – can’t beat a run to clear the head!!!

5.7 miles in 53:35

No running tomorrow due to family party

Bring it On


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