Bogeys, Bogs and Binocular Boy………….

At last, a rain free day. A chance to finally hang some washing out. A chance to see a little glow of yellow in the sky that seems to have been missing for so long – well since at least last Tuesday!! You can’t beat a bit of sunshine to lift the mood on a Monday morning. To be honest I sometimes need my mood lifting on a Monday morning – the swimming brick group can be totally depressing at times.

Credit to them though, this morning they were full of enthusiasm. Unfortunately one of them was also full of snot – now I’m not normally squeamish but……………….well when one of them tried to hand me the world’s biggest bogey I was nearly sick – urghhh. Now if only perch woman ( see last Mondays post) had of been there I could have had my revenge. ‘Give it to the nice lady on the ladder’ I could have said. Oh well there’s always next week!

So with work over, it was time for a sneaky few miles in the sunshine before the lads got back from golf. A slightly off road route gave me the chance to see just how much rain we’ve had in the last week or so. Dry paths are now bog like and huge puddles (lake size puddles) have ‘Warning, Deep Water’ signs dotted around them. It was near one such puddle/lake that I bumped into ‘Binocular Boy’, literally. I’ve seen plenty of birdwatchers in my time, but never one lurking in the bushes on a bike. Was he hoping to pedal after what ever he’d seen, he was so busy gawping at whatever he’d seen in the distance he missed me by inches…..How the hell do you peer through binoculars and pedal at he same time……….?

Sounds like I wasn’t the only one to have a dodgy moment today though. Jack came back from golf with some lovely marks on his arm. How did he get them – He got his arm stuck in his golf bag – reached his arm in for his head cover then it wouldn’t come out – his arm, not the cover!!! Much twisting and turning by his dad before he was finally free – poor kid – looks like he’s taking after me!!

4.7 miles in 39:48

Bogey free running tomorrow

Bring it on!!


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