All Aboard The Starship Pinderfields…………..

So I knew it was going to be one of those days when I managed to knock 2 bulbs out of the light when making the bed this morning – think I over did shaking the quilt. Then I poured grapefruit juice on my weetabix instead of milk. Great. So I was not exactly filled with confidence for my morning out at the hospital.

Yes, it was time for my quarterly visit to get my iron levels checked – the joys of being an anaemic runner. I hate going, mainly because I feel a bit of a fraud sitting among the genuinely poorly people. But on the other hand it gives me a chance to do one of my favourite things- people watch. And boy is there a variety of people to watch in Pinderfields.

For those who don’t know Wakefield, we have a new, all singing all dancing hospital. Its like a spaceship docking station with a W H Smith. On arrival, once you’ve passed the cloud of smoke – how can you have a fag with a drip in your arm? -You reach the self check-in desk. No really, you check in and the big screens tell you which gate to go to – no duty free on the way through though!!!

Technology – great when it works, today it didn’t. Yep, I checked in, ticked yes when it said confirm your name is Earnshaw and then it flashed up Mrs MacDermot you have been checked in- Eh!! Seemingly the computer system wasn’t well!! So I went for my bloods taking and waited and waited and……………..Computer system- dead.

No one knew who was checked in or out or which tests were which. ‘Sorry Mrs Earnshaw you’re expecting twins’ – don’t bleeding think so. ( only joking – but that’s how unorganised it was)  It was ace, lots of frantic dashing about, arguing, shaking of heads – chaos. Only the ‘fagash lils’ outside remained calm – totally oblivious to the madness inside. Back to the old days of getting called for your appointment by a real live person.

So when I finally made it to the clinic, which was now overflowing, I really did know it was going to be one of those days. Its fair to say I didn’t hear what I wanted to hear. Here we go again. On the plus side Doc Morton says I can carry on running – in moderation. In moderation to who…………………….Paula Radcliffe.

No running today

A little moderate running tomorrow

Bring it on

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