Sun, Streams and Snorkels…..

Well if yesterdays rain was bad, todays…………Well todays rain was relentless. Come the end of my ‘Asda big Shop’, I needed a submarine to get home. Think ‘Finding Nemo’ meets Asda Carpark – well and truly flooded. Even worse not only was rugby training cancelled but the weekend game is off as well – grouchy 11 year old – great. What do you do with a kid who loves to be out when its hammering it down – leave him with his dad while you escape for a run- problem solved.

Yep, I know going out in torrential rain is not the best of ideas, but needs must and with rugby cancelled I went sooner rather than later. Only when I got out did I realise just how much rain has actually fallen today. Wakefield’s roads are now streams and the ‘five little ducks who went swimming one day’ are spoilt for choice as to where to swim.

So I splashed my way ahead, ever hopeful that the hint of sunshine ( honestly it was there) in the distance was moving my way. It never did!! Five minutes in, I was soaked – every last bit of me – soaked! I had so much rain in my ears I felt like I was listening to my Ipod under water . To be honest it was less running more synchronised swimming. All I was missing was the nose clip, sequins and false grin plastered on my face. I suppose any normal person would have turned back…………..

Thankfully tonight the car drivers were kind – only one car attempted to soak me – the rest slowed down, drove round puddles or just stopped and gave me the ‘are you mad!’ look. I may be mad but I’m in good shape.

A mile from home the rain stopped and it hasn’t rained since – not one sodding drop. Had I have run when I should have done I’d have stayed dry………… 


7.3 miles in 1:03:11

Running in a snorkel tomorrow?

Bring it on

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