The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of ……………..Heavy Breathing and Dragging Feet!

Now if anybody had seen me at half past five sat in the chair, head nodding – you know the way I mean – when your chin banging on your chest wakes you up, they would have never have believed that less than an hour later I would be out running. But then that’s the plus side of having someone to run with, that extra bit of motivation to get you out of the door. Thanks Gill!

Gill and I run together quite a lot, we once ran all round the London Marathon with the crowd shouting ‘go on ill’ because the G had dropped off her top – I didn’t laugh – much!! To be honest I don’t know how she put’s up with me. Take tonight for example. I suggested we run a new route that would allow us to run down a short but extremely steep hill instead of up it. What I didn’t realise was that we’d have to run up a three mile hill to get to it. So high was the hill that I expected Julie Andrews and the rest of the Von -trapp to come rolling down singing!!!

 To say we huffed and puffed up it is an understatement and in all honesty, two miles in and I wasn’t really sure where we were.To make matters even worse we came to a point where 3 roads meet and we didn’t take the one that would take us down the steep hill we had tried to avoid – oh well. Still it was a lovely route and gave us a few options for some different routes. Every cloud has a silver lining – we were so high up we could see the silver lining!!

A very HILLY 7+ miles

A flatter run tomorrow

Bring it on

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