The Wrong Sort of Run……………..


So due to the awful weather forecast- rain, rain and more rain. I decided I would run post rather than pre rugby game. I mapped myself a nice ten miler back from Shawcross and packed my running bag ready to go. Sorted……………

Best laid plans and all that. I awoke to glorious sunshine, not a rain cloud in the sky – I could have run first  after all – oh well. It was after my usual pre- run weetabix breakfast that I kind of realised my next problem. I seem to have caught the school’s latest lurgy – yep the only place I was running totoday was the toilet – great!! I did hope that the fresh air at Jack’s rugby game would be a miracle cure- sadly not. So todays only mileage has been up and down the stairs- didn’t even manage a match day pint- must be bad.

Fingers crossed I’m feeling better tomorrow

Normal running

Bring it On

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