The Highs and Lows of a Child Free Night

So for the first time in months we made it out as a couple (Thanks Ryan) rather than the threesome we usually end up being as Jack is normally in tow. Mind you it was almost like having him there as he kept texting his Dad the rugby scores – Bless!  It’s fair to say we had a great night out, lovely food – once I’d sent the dodgy mussels back and a good time in the wine bar afterwards. Even managed to out drink my husband which is unheard off these days as I rarely drink – bit like a kid in a candy shop to be honest!!! Boy did I know about it this morning.

I didn’t feel that bad last night and even managed to totter a mile and a half home in heels – flat shoe kinda girl me -much to the disgust of hubby who is only capable of walking with a set of golf clubs on his back! He moaned non-stop all the way back – love him!

 Anyway, when I woke I still felt hammered, and remembered how much shouting for ”huey I’d done before making it up to bed. Nice! How the hell I managed to make us a sausage buttie I’ll never know – then I couldn’t eat it. Come 3 o clock this afternoon I was finally able to sit up without getting that awful sweaty, dizzy feeling. Yep, now I remember why I don’t drink much anymore – what a waste of a day.

No running today for obvious reasons

Hangover free day tomorrow

Bring it on


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  1. happyday2day
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 20:46:25

    wow a blog with no running!!!. LOL!!….hope the head is better 🙂 x


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