Techno Fun and a Run

So in total contrast to yesterday,I didn’t run like a plodding hippo and tonights run was in the setting sunshine, granted there was a cold wind blowing but at least we was dry. Good old weathermen got it wrong again – no April showers to be seen. Bit of a relief to be honest as Jack had his mate Alfie round today and I was wondering how I was going to keep them entertained all day if we were stuck in. I haven’t known I’ve had them  to be honest- they’ve been playing out most of the day – looked like they were trying to kill one another to me but apparently I don’t understand wrestling!! Trying to watch them put a tent up in the wind was priceless- wish I’d have videoed it cos that had to be worth £250…………….

So with Jack entertained for most of the day I’ve had a little bit of me time and for once I didn’t waste it doing housework stuff. So I’ve been reading up on how to make the best of my camera – David Bailey better watch out, I’m going to be good!!! Even better I’ve finally sussed how to use Windows Movie Maker – with a little bit of help from my 11 year old – and I’ve now made a movie of my (and a few I nicked off the website) pictures from the Olympic Park Run. I just need to suss out how to put it on here now and you can all have a look!

6.2 miles in 58 minutes and 14 seconds

Another run tomorrow

Bring it on.


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