Bleeuurrgggh But Back Running –

So I knew no matter how I felt today I was going for a run, cabin fever was setting in!! I did feel slightly livelier than yesterday, always a good sign, so I knew I could manage a few miles. The rain that I’d woken up to had eased off so once lunch was out of the way I donned my running togs. The heavens opened – great.

I wanted to try out a new path I’d found today but as I knew running there and back would be further than my intended six miles I got Hubby to drop me off nearer to where it was. Come the drier weather it will be a lovely run, today it was like a mudbath. Much as I love my Nike freerunners they are no good in mud. So I slid my way along the track, the rain lashed down harder and I kept groaning out loud as though that would make it better -like you do.

Two miles in I began to wonder just how long this path was as I didn’t really relish running back along it – my original plan. So I stopped to ask a couple walking their dog – bad mistake, they were lost How they got where they were from Newmillerdam beats me, I know you can, in a roundabout way but still. So I directed them in the right direction (their probably still wondering round now) and trudged on until I saw a road overhead and took it. I wasn’t sure whether to go left or right. Right was downhill so that solved that problem. Another mile along I knew where I was – Notton, I also knew it was at least another 4 miles home. So much for my six miles.

By this point I was ‘done in’, not a technical term I know, but there’s no other way to describe how I was feeling. Add to that I’d forgotten my phone, no chance of ringing for a lift and it was p’ing it down the only option was to plod on. Plod I did up hill and down dale until I finally reached the slightly more level path home. By this point I also knew that my amazing Nike+ sportswatch(never works) had cocked up again. I know I was dragging my feet and my knuckles were trailing on the floor but I still did all of the last mile home, it only clocked half of it!!

Once home, I did contemplate one of these ice baths my facebook friends keep going on about, its the thought that counts – and hubby had me a nice hot bubbly bath ready (must be after something x) so I couldn’t waste all that water. what with the hosepipe ban and all………….

So I’ve re-mapped (not sure if thats a word) my run and actually despite feeling like I’ve run rubbish it wasn’t such a bad run after all – bloody watch!

9.6 miles in 1:29:41

A better run tomorrow

Bring it on

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. diary of a dashinista
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 22:26:37

    Well done for sticking with it through what sounds like a tough run.
    I haven’t tried the Nike watch but I did have similar annoying experiences with the Nike+ iPod system, it was NEVER accurate and worse still I had to spend about £40 replacing the sensors. I like their kit but hate their electronics!


  2. jacksmumontherun
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 20:50:45

    I started with the ipod system, I should of learnt my lesson then!!!


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