Bleurghaaaarrrrgghhhhhh Golf………………..

Day three of no running and it’s nearly killed me, I don’t care how rough I feel tomorrow I AM GOING RUNNING! Granted I have caught up on lots of jobs – I don’t do sitting still for very long – but I’m getting seriously bored now!! Even spent some of the afternoon googling historic buildings in Wakefield- another outcome of me running in different places – I pass things and I have no idea what they are – still beats googling brands breeds of sheep – just!!!

My boredom has not been helped by my Hubby watching his favourite sport – Golf. Paint, watching, like and dry are words that spring to mind. Even Jack is sick to death of it and he plays. It’s fair to say I know the rules fairly well now – I’ve watched it that many bleeding times – it still doesn’t stop me taking the mick. ‘Albatross’ Hubby has just shouted – ‘where?’ I said.(I know its getting it in ,in 2, on a parr 5 but then its not funny!) Then there’s their names, who the hell calls their kid ‘Bubba’ or ‘Tiger’ and as for Davis Love the 3rd – where’s one and two gone?!?  And the comentators, how to make a boring sport more boring yaawwwnnn. A real birdie chance – you don’t say, oh the winds blowing left to right, makes a change from right to left. Bored! Bored! Bored! I tell you my running shoes are at the door. Tomorrow I’m out of here………………

Last Rest Day

Playing Out tomorrow

Bring it on


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  1. knitnrun4sanity
    Apr 08, 2012 @ 20:20:49

    I am so with you! I am sitting with my computer on my lap with the golf on (as it has been for the last week!) Thank you for making me laugh out loud so that even my husband took his eyes off the tv for a second! 🙂 (in fact even he had a smile when I read some excerpts out to him!)


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