Bleurgh ……………Day 2

Thats it, I’m having the weekend off from running (till tomorrow at any rate!) I still don’t feel right, granted last nights dodgy matchday pint (or 2) hasn’t helped, but the rugby was so bad something was needed to lift the gloom. I was only having one but then I got bought another one (thanks Richard – there I’ve mentioned you again!) Yep the downside of being the only Mum amomg the Dad’s is that they treat you like a bloke – hence the pints and not halves. I’m a rubbish drinker, I really need to stick to halves……………

Mind you, I may be a rubbish drinker but at least I still know how to behave when I have had a drink – wish the same could of been said for some of last nights crowd. Good Friday games are traditionally played against our closest rivals Castleford. Both sets of fans loathe one another with a passion-  in a friendly way – sort of! Usually there’s plenty of banter and an occasional minor fracas. Last night it all went belly up. I’t didn’t help when Wakefield’s marketing team came up with the amazing slogan ‘The City is Ours’ well technically it’s Castlefords as well as they make up part of our district. Add that to the ‘Lets go North’ campaign urging all Wakey fans to go stand under the new roof – where some Cas fans usually stand and telling the Cas fans to go stand elsewhere and tensions were starting to mount. Then some muppet decided to open the bar some seven hours before kick off! Carnage! Glad we were stood well away from it. Loved the way the kids couldn’t get their heads round the fact you can’t glass someone with a plastic bottle though, boy did it take some explaining, bless em.

So back to not feeling too good. If I am coming down with something I wish it would hurry up, I really haven’t got time. My throat hurts, sort of and my ears don’t feel right and I’m shattered. I think it could just be ‘school holiday syndrome’ Lets hope it doesn’t last all of the holidays.

Some sort of activity tomorrow

Bring it on

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