Beware Low Flying Pheasant…………….

So with Jack training and the clocks changing, giving us more daylight hours, we can now start running in different directions from the rugby club. Its surprising how near we are to the countryside really, just a few minutes off the main road and its like All Creatures Great  and Small.(nearly) I’m loving finding new routes and why its taken me 7 years to venture from the same old runs I’ll never know. Downside of running new routes is I seem to spend half my time googling the things I’ve seen, old buildings, unknown Weirs (unknown to me!), old railway lines. Tonight I’ve spent the best part of an hour researching breeds of sheep – no honest! I never knew there were so many types of sheep – whole web pages with names like and thinkdifferently Am I any wiser as to the make of sheep…….Er no! So if you know what breed a brown/black sheep with a white face is, please let me know!!

Thankfully I know a pheasant when I see one so I won’t be googling them. Yep, Mr pheasant happily ran across the road in front of us tonight, a lovelysight.  Mrs Pheasant was a right vicious cow ( not that I’ve ever seen a vicious cow – why do we say that?) She was having none of it, dive bombed us from nowhere, talk about jump. All I can say is I’m glad I’m not at the ‘Tena Lady’ stage just yet or it would have been a full on disaster!

6.1 miles in 59:04

Bird free running tomorrow and loads of rugby

Bring it on

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