Snow Running Today………….

The good thing about the school holidays is I can go for a run anytime I want (once my ‘I need at least 10 hours sleep a night’ 11 year old gets out of bed!) So my intention today was to wait while Jack got up and then go for a shortish run while he was eating his breakfast. Despite the chance of a lie-in I was wide awake by eight so decided to get up and began climbing the ironing mountain. It was then I opened the curtains – snow, lots of snow, great, and not even the right sort of snow to use my Yak Trax  – even better! All the best laid plans – oh well

Midway through the mountain of ironing the King and Queen of coffee shops text to see if we fancied breakfast out. Yes my Mum and Dad love coffee shops/cafes and visit them often. So often, they have nick names for all the other retired folk who visit. With most of them, the clues in the name, Sweetex- always takes handfuls of sweetners, Papers – always hogs the newspapers. Niddy Noddy – don’t ask…………….

So a late breakfast out it was, then the barbers – holiday haircut for Jack. By the time we got back the snow had almost gone, so had my urge to run. Yep this Olympic running is draining- no wonder its only once every four years. Thankfully I did 4 miles last night so the guilt hasn’t kicked in just yet.

Snow running today

Running whatever the weather tomorrow

Bring it on


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