Niggles and nerves…………..

Yep, here we go again, 5 sleeps till race day and everything hurts. I promised myself I wouldn’t get in a state this time, after all its not a race………..Just a chance of a lifetime!

When I ran last Thursday and then Saturday I had extremely tight calves, I blamed it on my bike, so the bikes gone away till after the weekend. This morning I awoke with legs that felt like I’d run a marathon, shouldn’t have had Sunday as a rest day I told myself. So after work I decided to do a gentle jog telling myself all would be fine. Problem one, I’ve forgotten how to gentle jog when on my own. The calves felt fine – which is good so why Problem 2 – I’ve pulled my hamstring………….. No I haven’t, but my head thinks I have. Its a nightmare. A nightmare that happens every time the ‘race’ word is mentioned. Four more days of this to go yet , probably have shin splints and plantar fasciitis  before Saturday. Yet magically, when the gun goes on the startline, every ailment will disappear. Back to the figment of my imagination known as race day hypochondria. Can’t wait!!

3.2 miles in 27.24

Ailment free running tomorrow (please)

Bring it on

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