We Only Went and Won…………….

No running today, rest day, but between washing, tidying and cooking I don’t recall having much of a rest! The afternoon was reserved for game day.Wakefield took on the Catalan Dragons. Hard to believe we had warmer weather here than when we travelled to supposedly sunny Catalan for the away fixture ( it was freezing, only sunshine we had was at the airport coming home!) Also hard to believe I had shin beef braising in the oven for after the game, a BBQ would have been more suitable. Got to love the British weather.

Anyway back to the game, I wasn’t that confident of a win, Catalan are top of the table and we’re not. I know we put up a great fight last week and we would have won if  ‘une tosser’ of a referee knew how to count, but I still wasn’t over confident.

We were 18 -0 up in no time, granted Catalan came back into the game but with just 2 minutes remaining I was confident of a win……………… When you’re a Wakey fan you can never be certain.

A lovely couple of pints in the sunshine

Countdown to race day tomorrow

Bring it on

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