Rugby Running and Ref what R you doing?

Saturdays are ‘R’ days in our house, Rugby and Running. The order depends on Jack’s KO time. This week, a later kick off time meant running first and as it was a home game we took the 10 mile route from Ossett  to Crigglestone via the canal. The path not the water! It was a somewhat misty start, but unseasonally warm and we assumed that by the time we made it up to Crigg the fog (as predicted by the weatherman) would have lifted. Er……….no! Still it was a cracking run, we nearly defeated the overly large hill and it wasn’t a bad game either, not as good as the 56-4 scoreline might suggest, the opposition were a cracking team and they are a team to watch out for, but a wins a win. To be honest the outcome of the game wasn’t the talking point – the referee was. Yes Junior rugby tends to have a bit of a referee problem, they are either amazingly good or amazingly awful. Todays ref was amazingly unbelievable! He spent most of the game stood in the wrong place, had a bit of an issue about which rules we played, kept forgetting which tackle he was on but most bizzarely of all when one of our lot scored he joined in the celebratory dance….

Next Saturday will be running and rugby in a different place. Yep next week, after months of waiting, the Olympic Park run will be finally here. So we will be spending the weekend in the capital and I can’t wait. An afternoon in the Olympic stadium followed by an evening at the Stoop watching Wakefield take on the London Broncos. To be honest I probably won’t be bothered about the rugby as I sit there with my Olympic Medal hanging round my neck but its a Saturday and they’re ‘R’ days in our house no matter where we are!!!

10 miles done

rest day tomorrow

Bring it on


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