Going That Extra Mile or Two………

Today 200+ kids aged 3-11, definately went that extra mile, and nearly 12 hours later I’m still buzzing. Yes the Sport Relief Mile came to the Methodist school and what a mile it was. We have done sports days, mini marathons and entered loads of school tournaments for various sports in the past. The difference today was we did it all together, Foundation, Infants, Juniors,teaching staff and parents all running round the field at the same time. It was so simple, a start and finish line a circle of cones around the field and a dot of pen on your hand for every lap you did. The mini kids ( as year 6 call them) only needed to do 2 laps and the rest did the full  5 laps to equal a mile. Some 10 laps later most of the school were still going, they were awesome, big kids helping mini kids and mums and dads grinning through gritted teeth as their kids dragged them round another lap. Truly inspirational.

3 miles  (15 laps) done with 200+other runners

10  miles to do tomorrow with just one

Bring it on

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