Two Bike Rides, a Broken Chain and a Skiving Guitar……….

So day two of ‘going to work on my bike’ regime and I managed to sneak an extra quarter of a mile onto my route. I’m hoping to get to do 3 miles once I get the hang of it – and find a safe enough route , and do 4 miles on the way home. Most of the route on the way there is main road and I can’t believe how close some traffic gets. What’s the point of having a cycle lane when you can’t get in it for cars. A different route on the way home makes for less traffic but as most of it is on mud tracks its no good for going to work – can’t turn up splattered in mud – maybe it will be better once the drier weather comes along!

Today I had my first technical problem, my chain came off…………….Now if it was a flat tyre on my car I could cope. The only thing I know about bikes is that they have 2 wheels and if you stay on it too long you get  a sore bum – yep I’ve invested in some fab looking padded shorts -they’ve yet to work!  So I was a little relieved (very), that my chain came off near my Mum and Dad’s. Good old Dad had it fixed in no time and I continued my scenic route home. Another downside of the scenic route home is the dodgy downhill tracks, Ive mastered going down them at break neck speed – I just need to learn not to scream as I fly down them! I just can’t help it. Jack and Ernie will testify that every theme park ride we go on results in me screaming longer and louder than anyone else in the place and for whatever reason I have the same urge if I’m flying down a hill (even short ones!) It’s fair to say I get some very strange looks!!

So to the skiving guitar – would you really play truant on the day you have to take your guitar to school. A whole day trying to look inconspicuous in a school uniform is hard enough, but with a bloody great guitar strapped to your back! Make no wonder the skiving guitar had given in by 9:20……………..

1.7 and 2.1 miles cycled

No biking tomorrow cos I’ll never fit my ‘Asda Big Shop’ in my rucksack

Double run

Bring it on

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