Run out of time………..Ja!

For various reasons, I knew there was no chance of running this morning. Too much beer, take away pizza and lack of sleep due to a raging thirst caused by beer n pizza was one reason. On top of that, due to being out nearly all weekend,parts of the house looked like a bomb had dropped and I had to have a tidy up before work or it would have stressed me out all day. Never mind I thought I’ll run later this evening……………

Quite how it got to 7:45 and I still hadn’t made it to the door I’ll never know. Yes I was pottering about doing this and that and there was homework to be done (Quelle surprise !) but one minute I’d bags of time, the next, well I didn’t! So I’ve put the run back till tomorrow and decided to have another go at learning the Olympic ‘Big Dance’ Routine. Chuffing hell – I hope the kids pick it up quicker than me.

I think I’ve mentioned the ‘Big Dance’ before. That easy little contemporary number thats  er…….. not easy. Don’t get me wrong the choreographer dude who I was convinced was called Winston – it’s Wayne, is amazing. But if he says ‘Ja’ once more I’m going to scream, he’s not even German! Still I’m sure it will be alright on the night – well day…………..

No dancing tomorrow, just running and cycling – Ja!

Cycle to work tomorrow?

Bring it on

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