Paper Aeroplanes, Wendy Ball and a Sudden Realisation!

Well the day started better than yesterday, I made it to work without killing anyone, always a good start and I remembered to call for petrol. No more flashing red light. It was definately going to be a better day………….Then I marked the Maths Homework, can’t wait for the day some of our kids get the train, they’re going to be on it for days, more work on reading timetables is definately needed. All they had to say was the train doesn’t go to Perth, but no. A full on essay explaining why you would have to stay on the train until sometime the following day when the train has re-visited all the stations (at least twice!) before calling at Perth seemed to be the order of the day. Mind you who am I to criticise, I couldn’t make a paper aeroplane this afternoon! Mainly because I failed to the one thing we are always telling the kids to do…….Listen! I pre-empted what the teacher was going to do- wrongly and encouraged the kid I was sat with to the same. Whoops. Thankfully I know where the spare paper is kept – perfect plane (eventually).

Another thing that made for a better day was extra P.E, wahoo, shame it was Wendy-Ball we were playing- but then you can’t have everything. (wendy ball is a rugby league term for football) I had to resist the chance to get stuck in too much though, don’t want to miss my Olympic Run with a wendy ball injury!!!

So a great day, ended with a great run. Another hour of putting the world to rights while running – fairly fast. That’s when it happened, the realisation that I’d got something terribly wrong …….. Yesterday I opened my Olympic Running pack, took one look at the red dot on my running number and assigned myself to the red start. I couldn’t understand why no one else had the same colour. Tonight it dawned on me. The red dot means allergy!! White start anyone? Explains why the spectator bands are white not red. Oh well, I’m not blonde for nothing.

7.5 miles in 1:07:10

Brain switched on tomorrow

Bring it on

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