Comprehensionally Foraging


So I managed to keep my stress levels down low enough to avoid the need for a sneaky bit of exercise ( well apart from the abs workout prior to breakfast- think I over did it though – even breathing hurt!) Quite how I kept them down, I’ll never know. Discussing whether the Bible is fact or fiction made for a very eventful entertaining afternoon, seemed such a good idea at the time. We started by talking about what makes a best selling book, then I asked them what the worlds best-selling book is – Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Captain Underpants- not one of them guessed it was the Bible, you’d have thought the clue might have been in which lesson we were doing. Still,it made for a fun afternoon, amazing what they do and don’t know about the Bible and how as young as they are they already have their own views and opinions. Not so stressful after all!

Foraging Secretary!

Another reason for not running was a homework catch-up night. Yes Jack’s school is on homework overload again – no R.E for once but plenty of other stuff to go at and with a busy weekend coming up and rugby training tomorrow and Friday, tonight was our only chance. Comprehension first, his weakest subject (joy) to be fair he didn’t do too bad,- the second time! He’s drawn his chocolate spread jar (!) and recorded todays temp and rainfall. Just citizenship left – politics. So while his Dad and I washed and dried the pots Jack yelled out what he needed help with. At least he knew the Prime Minister and his side kick and nearly knew the party names, to be honest I had to google the Chancellor, but I was stumped when he asked who the foraging Secretary was……………Foreign Secretary anyone!!!!

So Rest Day Done

Running Tomorrow

Bring it On!!!

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