ICT, VLE and Too Bloody PC……………..

There are some days when only a run will do, today was one of those days. The need to get out and clear my head was overwhelming – and that was at eight this morning. Can’t really put my finger on why I needed de-stressing so much but a run is the only way sometimes. So I gave backword on the meeting before another meeting and for once put my own needs first.(I’m learning) In all honesty it wouldn’t have been a very productive meeting anyway as an ICT twilight meant my brain was on overload. Bloody amazing what you can do with computers these days though – I can’t wait to tell the kids this weeks homework is on the VLE, can’t wait for the excuses for not doing it either. ‘The dog ate my laptop ‘isn’t very believable now is it?

So run done, another nicely paced one at that too meant stress levels were back to normal ,for a while anyway.Then I met one of the reasons I was so annoyed in the first place.What did I say about not running tomorrow……………………

7 miles in 1:05:31

Rest Day Tomorrow (ahem!)

Bring it on

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