Best Laid plans Re-Laid…..

So I managed it, just. I survived the temptation to make a run for it last night, first thing this morning was a different story though. I’m getting quite good at early morning runs, but Mondays are usually a no go.Too grumpy, too tired and it’s a Monday, pft!  But today I was a woman on a mission, be it that fact that I was meant to be working late so wouldn’t be able to fit a run in or the fact that the Olympic Run is getting nearer ,I don’t know, but I just had to get up and run – not a bad little run either, I might add.

Plans for this week we’re run tomorrow and Wednesday, 2 runs Thursday, rest day Friday, Long run Saturday. Shame it’s gone wrong already. A bonus run this morning was fine,but my working late plans have switched to tomorrow so………….I ran again this evening – not a bad little (well double this morning) run either, I might add. So now what to do tomorrow. I was going to be unable run as I had a meeting about something,before a meeting about something else but for reasons I won’t go into I’m thinking sod it(the first one anyway) – on a personal note I thought rugby league pics were meant to show a bit of rough n tumble – its not ballet dancing is it (or Union). We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Anyhow, back to the running, two great runs, nearly daylight this morning and some lovely sunshine and prolonged daylight at tea-time meant I could run different routes. Loved every minute of it, especially when a kid on a bike and his mate on foot decided to be reeaaalllyyy big and clever and out do me. Their little faces when they realised the one on foot couldn’t keep up and I stopped and said I’d wait for him to get his breath back. Was there a tiny wave of triumph as I left them……….too bloody right!!!

3.1 miles in 25 minutes and 42 seconds

6.3 miles in 52 minutes and 27 seconds

Two unplanned runs done

Plans for tomorrow

Bring it on

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