Horse + Owner + Jockey = Athletes Foot…………………!

So I’m sat here with itchy feet (no I haven’t got athletes foot!) trying my best to resist the temptation to sneak out for a ‘ickle’ run. I know, I know its a rest day, but a Sunday rest day usually means a longish walk with Jack. However todays rotten weather and the amount of homework (my favourite word) Jack still needed to finish meant it never happened.It didn’t stop raining till four o clock by which time I was in the throws of making a full on Sunday dinner, now I am full of Sunday dinner so I won’t be going out anytime soon.I really need to resist as yesterday was one very busy day.

Rugby in the morning, running in the afternoon then race night at the rugby club in the evening made for a very late bedtime.If you’ve never been to a Race night before, you really should give it a go. To be honest, the first time I was asked to organise one when we were raising money to take the lads to Catalan, I was slightly confused as to how it worked. Especially when the club chairman started talking about horses, jockeys and owners. ‘Blimey’ I thought, ‘the pitch will be a right mess by the time that lots trampled on it!’ Well how was I supposed to know you watch it on a big screen in the safety of the clubhouse – not a real horse in sight. In my defense I wasn’t the only one who thought Crigg was going to become Aintree for the night. So did we win……………Oh aye, a huge £2 having spent nearly £30. Jack on the other hand spent 50p and won £2.50, jammy little sod. Still the hot pork sandwiches were nice and the Crigg Beer (worst beer in the world but its cheap!) went down well.  Glad of a lie in this morning though.

So, to run or not to run – you decide.

No miles yet – but watch this space

‘ickle’ run tomorrow

Bring it on

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