Three Firemen, 2 Swans and a Missing Panda…………..


My Hat

So I made it, a rest day from running – didn’t even sneak in a a ‘ickle’  2 miler. Granted I walked just short of 5 miles but its not the same-  is it?  No running meant a lie in- sort of. However the down side of last nights match day pint ( probably nearer three) is I feel better up and about than laying down with a heavy head. I had to drink  more than one to take my mind off the rubbish rugby- honestly we have a team of 11/12 year olds with more skill. So by nine o clock I was up and about bagging yesterdays kit back up and  spent the rest of the morning pottering about doing’ mum jobs’.   By lunchtime the temptation was too great and we went for a walk in the sunshine – a chilly walk to start with but no Sneaky wind (ask my Mum) by the canal meant we’d abandoned hats and gloves in no time.


I'm not here

A lovely day made for some lovely views, we crossed different bridges, found new places to go explore and also took a closer look at some of the sights from yesterdays run including the Swans and Kirkthorpe Weir. Then we saw some different things, like – Fire!!!  No I’m not kidding, some moron – 4 scratters to be exact – obviously thought it was funny to set both sides of the canal banking on fire – said scratters had already tried to spoil our walk, blocking walk ways, gesturing rudely and sitting on top of a bridge trying to scare us into not crossing it – they don’t know me very well- we crossed the bridge ! So out of the fields emerged 3 fireman implements in hand to put the fire out. Now those who know me well know I quite like a man in uniform but these 3 looked like they’d come from Pontypandy (Fireman Sam for those who don’t know). Not exactly pin up material – pft. So excitement over, we headed home and then we saw it………….. hiding in a tree – a panda, staring at us, fluffy ears and black eyes. No, honestly…….. Well alright then it wasn’t a real one, just my hat. I’d shoved it in the side pocket of my rucksack andIt must have caught on the tree when we passed earlier. Dread to think what we’ll see next week!!!

4.8 miles in 2+ hours

Another rest day tomorrow



Swans – not killer ones!

 Kirkthorpe Weir

Secret garden- maybe!

Saw loads of these -waiting for Grandad to tell us what they are!

Errrr – another one for Grandad!!


Firemen and their tools!!!


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