In Desperate Need of the Cramp Cure Man……………….

So it’s fair to say when I woke this morning I was absolutely shattered – the reason – Leg cramp. Not a big problem you may think, but I don’t do leg cramps. Think mass panic and hysteria, thats what cramp means to me, I have a real phobia, I can’t stand that feeling that I have no control. So at silly o clock this morning I found myself diving out a bed and facing my fears, crashing about the bedroom in the hope hubby would wake up and help – he didn’t. So I continued diving about,trying to push my leg down to the floor. Then the sweats came and the wretching…….I really don’t do cramp!!!  Anyone who saw me at the end of the London Marathon will know just how bad I carry on when I get cramp, thankfully that day a Knight in Shining Armour (well a guy in running gear and a medal) came to my rescue. I’d finished the race got my medal,stretched (a little) and waited for my mate to finish, she finished, much hugging, finishers photos, bag collect then we were done. Time to head to Horse Guards Parade to meet our families – then it happened. “Gill, I’ll have to sit down a minute -I don’t feel well” I said. Then arrrghhhhh,cramp in my leg, I screamed, Gill laughed, then there he was bounding through the crowds ‘Cramp Cure Man’ . Before I’d time to object he’d flung me to the ground raised my leg and was pushing down hard. I screamed as though I was about to give birth (not that I’d know as I had a C section, and no I’m not too ‘posh to push’, I would have loved to have pushed ……Maybe!)  Anyhow, there I lay as people strode over me,drove prams round me and Cramp Cure Man’ worked his magic, Lord knows what people thought but I really didn’t care I was in agony. Eventually, pain gone, my shining Knight gave me a hug and disappeared into the much amused crowd!!! Sounds funny now, I felt a right daft sod at the time. If you’re out there ‘Cramp Cure Man’ a big thank-you.

So back to this morning and with no one coming to my rescue I had to sort myself out, then I couldn’t sleep properly as I could still feel where the cramp had been and to be honest I’ve felt it ever since. I don’t know how I survived football this afternoon, never mind a 7 mile run tonight. But I did, time for a day off I think.

7 miles in 01:05:30

Cramp free sleep

Bring it on


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