Two White Van Men a 4 x 4 and One P’d off Runner

So holidays over, it’s back to the six o clock starts and all the madness that comes with working in a school. By five past nine the holidays were all but a distant memory, not that I’m complaining as I’m one of the lucky ones – I love my job. No two days are the same, always something different to deal with, I’m even coming to terms with the fact that I’m never going to get some of my swimming group to swim. Even better I’ve survived my first 6 weeks in year 6 and I’ve almost got the hang of the maths- almost!!!

Six weeks gone means its only 6 weeks until the National Lottery Olympic Park Run, my chance to run in the Olympic stadium (gulp!). So now I’m more determined than ever to get mega fit. The weights and bench are back out, resistance bands are stretched and the gym ball is back to full size – shame I didn’t manage to get out of bed earlier this morning to use them. Well it was the first day back!!! Still on the plus side I did make it out for a nice 7 mile run, it wasn’t a steady pace, according to my amazing Nike+ sportswatch (never works) I did it in 18 minutes and 1 second – just call me Usain!  Had I have only run 18 minutes I might have missed the chance to see my life flash before my eyes- yes tonight I very nearly got run over (Don’t worry mum I’m fine). I came to part of a path that had a car parked on it, and no path on the otherside of the road, only option, to run on the road. So I turned off my I pod -I’m a good girl, and checked the road was clear.It was, so off I set, then out of nowhere two white van men came tear-arsing up the road, racing one another- idiots – my only place of safety was on the car bonnet – writing it now its sounds hilarious but its fair to say I was fuming. A little shaken I slid off the bonnet and ran on a little further until I met a 4 x4, yep you’ve guessed it blocking the pavement. I didn’t mean to scare the woman driver when I banged on her car window but I’d nearly died (slight exaggeration but adds to the effect) once. I wasn’t about to do it again. I don’t think she’ll be parking on the path again anytime soon.

Thankfully I made it safely home and totted up the time I was out running, not bad to say it includes the time I was on the car bonnet and the time spent telling poor lady driver off.

7.17 miles in 1 hour 2 minutes (ish)

Early morning run tomorrow

Bring it on.

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