Big Shop, Little Shop and ‘White Bread Syndrome’

So the last day of the holidays dawned, did I enjoy a lazy lie-in while I still had the chance, no. Instead I went to my least favourite place in the whole wide world…….Asda Big Shop, I hate supermarket shopping with a passion and even more so when it’s full of screaming kids on school holidays (yes I know I work with them term time but that’s different!) So my cunning plan was to be in and out of the place before they’d even got up, it nearly worked. Unfortunately the ‘George Half Price Sale’ delayed my trolley dash somewhat. Still, a few more bargains sneaked into the wardrobe. A new dress? No hubby darling I’ve had it ages!!!!!

The good thing this holidays is that I’ve nearly made it to the end of my list of jobs, which is a first. We’ve managed to have loads of time outdoors enjoying the lovely weather and today I finally got a few hours to myself while Jack went golfing with his dad. So a quick dash into town for a few bits and pieces – more new clothes (shhhhh). Housework finished, rugby kit ready for tomorrow I had time to fit in a sneaky run – about half an hour. I decided to go in search of a new route off the beaten track, down by the canal. I had a vague idea which way to go, I remember going with my dad years ago (a lot of years!)  I remember crossing a footbridge – which I found and eating a big  bag of torpedos – which I didn’t. Once I’d crossed the bridge I couldn’t remember which wayto go so I asked a friendly looking dog walker with two schnorbitz sized dogs who looked like they were going to lick me to death, beats the killer dogs I suppose. Anyhow, the nice lady told me which way I could go and said I’d probably be better going earlier in the day or with someone as it was a bit remote and dodgy (!) in parts. As I didn’t fancy being raped or pillaged before tea I did a loop back around where I’d been and headed home.

To be honest its probably a good thing I was off the beaten track, as an earlier McDonalds Lunch mean’t I was suffering from the dreaded ‘white bread syndrome’. I love white bread, it doesn’t like me. I end up with a stomach that looks like I’m about to give birth and terrible trapped wind. Had I have known I was going running I probably wouldn’t have chewed my way through a packet of windezee over the course of the afternoon . Shame they started easing my symptoms halfway through my run!!!

                  So a wind assisted  3.2 miles in 27  minutes 34 seconds.

No running tomorrow but lots of rugby

Bring it on

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