Wash Day, Clean Day, Run Day………

So day four of the holidays (only one  day left, boooo!) and the great weather continues. Never before have I washed so many loads in one week. It is advisable not to stand still in the Earnshaw household or you might find yourself spinning round with the Ariel ultra gel (or whatever its called thats meant to get your whites mega clean – the testers haven’t met my son) I’m only hoping the weather continues over the weekend so I can get 20 rugby kits washed and dried as easily- yep only 2 more sleeps till Junior Rugby starts again.

Another first today was Jack going into town with his mates. I’ve ummed and arred about this for a few weeks now, its not that I don’t trust him, I do, but I’m a little wary about others around him. Plus he loathes shopping so I didn’t see what he would get from it. Still come 10:30 this morning I was waving my baby off on a whole new adventure (c’mon he’s my only child!!!!). True to form they lasted about an hour n half in town, bought a ball and headed off to the local park for a game of footie (in his BEST clothes) He even managed to rope Grandad in to bring him and his mate home, a great day out.

So what did I do with my partial day to myself – pampering…… shopping…… laze around……. Nah I set about sorting Jacks bedroom (eek). To be fair he’s not an untidy kid, there’s usually some mega lego construction in the making, but other than that he’s not bad at putting things away. But he’s had a real growth spurt of late and half his wardrobe no longer fits. At last the age 8-9 no longer fit(he’s 12 in June and he’s nearly in his own age – nearly. So four hours and 2 bin bags of stuff later he’s sorted- well the clothes are, think I’ll leave the no longer played with toys for another holiday!!!

So come rugby training I was ready for some fresh air and a run. Thankfully the dodgy ankle issue from Tuesday seems to have gone and we had another great natter putting the world to rights and another perfectly paced steady run.

7 miles in 1:05:55

Washings already spinning for tomorrow

Asda Big Shop to do

oh and a little run

Bring it on

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