A Four Mile Walk and a Lesson in……………not sure really!!!

Nannie and Grandad!!!!

So the 3rd day of the half term dawned and despite my worst fears I awoke with no pain in my ankle, yes it ached a little bit but a least I could stand on it without wincing in pain and without Jack cracking up in hysterical laughter at the faces I was pulling – yep, Jack gets his sympathetic side from me.  So just to test the ankle out we went for a little jaunt today with Nannie and Grandad – only four miles, taking in the sights and sounds of the nearby canal and lagoon.( Photos below)  Not bad for a dodgy ankle and a Grandad with a new knee.

The walk didn’t get off the best of starts when we’d only walked ten paces and the killer dog attacked,flying through the conifers,teeth snarling. I thought Mum was going to have a heart attack. I’m coming to the conclusion that dogs don’t like me. Dad didn’t do much to lighten the mood when another half a mile along the route he pointed to a stream type thing and said ‘thats where they found your Auntie Brenda dead’ (it was along time ago). Nice bit of info Dad…….! Dad has a wealth of stories and information about anything and everything and if he doesn’t know he generally makes it up. I’ll never forget telling everyone at school that my dad had a bullet hole in his back that he got in world war 2. Two problems with this story, my dad wasn’t old enough to have served in the war and the scar was actually from chicken pox!!! You’ve got to love him!!

Anway back to the walk. Jack asked about this tree and that tree the way he does, he’ll ask about anything just to keep talking, then we got on to the wildlife. “Whats this bird Grandad?” he asked “A tit” came the reply. Much hysterical laughter followed. Jacks at that age (nearly 12) when ‘tit’ is just the funniest word ever and normally Grandad would give any bird its full title.. Still it all made for a very enjoyable walk. The ankle has just about survived a four mile walk and a four hour shop at Meadowwhall, should be fit to run tomorrow.

4 miles in 1 hour 40 minutes

Pain free running tomorrow

                                                           Bring it on

The Real Nannie and Grandad


The ABC steps

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