The Half Term Headache!

Bear with a sore Head

So the first day of half term dawned and I awoke feeling like I’d been battered around the head with a mallet. Great!! To be honest it’s often the norm when you work in a school, if you manage a full half term without catching the lurg it will sneak up and get you the minute your on holiday. Not really what you want and if we were on holiday for 2 weeks I might have done a man impression and hogged the sofa for the day! But we’re only off for the week so I’ll just have to get on with it. Thank god for coffee, ginger biscuits and a pack of Nurofen. So headache numbed, it was time to start on my ‘list of jobs for the holidays’, yep the downside of being a working mum, always playing catch up with the housework. So first job on the list…………..the dreaded spare room.     


Every house has one, a draw, a wardrobe, a room. Somewhere where things get shoved until you’ve time to sort them, today was that day – lucky me. To be honest I didn’t do too bad and you can nearly see the carpet again now, nearly. One job almost crossed off and the ironing mountain is no more – well it was until I brought the washing in, not bad considering how rough I felt this morning.
So housework done- for today, time to treat myself to a little run before tea. Not a bad little run either even if I do say so myself.
3.77 miles in 30 minute 32 seconds
Shopping with the ‘Coffee Shop Queen tomorrow, more cleaning ,then another run.
Bring it On

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