Winter Wonderland and a lot of Chatter

So another day another frost and another sofa day for hubby and his man flu. To be fair he does seem worse than first thought, but boy his he playing on it. Couldn’t even drag himself out of bed for breakfast at the garden centre this morning,our last chance before Junior Rugby takes over our weekends again next week. Mind you things should be easier this year as I’m taking a sabatical from the team manager thing, my turn to just be a Mum and turn up and watch – supposedly! Don’t think the rest of the mum’s n dad’s have quite got their heads round it yet. So this year I’m going to abuse the ref,opposing parents, players touchline managers and then sit back and watch while someone else fills in ridiculous amounts of paper work – not really but thats what I’ve had to do for the last 3+ years. I think I deserve a rest and I’m really looking forward to less hassle and getting the chance to play with my new camera to picture the game.

My new camera (all singing all dancing grown up one) was the main reason for a long walk in the frosty sunshine this afternoon.Jack and I went to the newly found (thanks Janathon) nearby nature park and thoroughly enjoyed the wintry scenery. I would of enjoyed it even more if Jack had actually taken a breath and stopped talking for five minutes but if there is one thing my son can do its talk. Endless chatter about everything and nothing. The remember when’s (and boy can he remember some stuff) what if’s and whys meant 5 1/4 miles passed in no time – 2+ hours!!

Back home, we thawed in front of the fire and Jack recounted the whole afternoon word for word.

So no run today but a lovely walk and some great pictures.

(see below)

Another 10 miles planned tomorrow

Bring it On.

Walton Nature Park


 Swan Lake……..


This Zoom lens works well….

Look Mum, Dancing On Ice…..


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