The Temperamental Netbook,Running and Rugby (league)……….

Now I would have had this blog posted ages ago were it not  for my son’s amazing netbook. He’s always complained about it- too slow, not working, doing my head in- are the usual complaints. Then he hogs my laptop when I’ve got stuff I need to be doing. So tonight I thought I’d give the Netbook a go. Big Mistake! Don’t get not me wrong, its not a bad little thing when it does what is asked of it, it just doesn’t do it very often. It seems to have the computer version of PMT, only works when in a good mood. So after an hour of fannying about I’ve abandoned the mardy thing and am back on my old faithful.

Survived the last day of ‘Cabin Fever Kids’ at work- just! And now i’ve got a whole week off to look forward to. Mm, what to do,I’ve already filled one A4 page with jobs that need doing, not exactly a week of rest but I can’t wait for the lie-ins.

With the start of the new Superleague Season now in full swing, Friday nights are back to being family nights again. All sat watching the game on sky, every so often Jack goes into the kitchen to chuck his rugby ball about (we have a big kitchen) hubby drinks copius amounts of red and talks more and more drivel as the game goes on. Plenty of eyeball rolling from Jack and I as we try our best not to giggle!! Tonight however I think he might have overdone the copious amounts of red (hubby not Jack) cos he’s slept through the last 20 minutes of the game (must be the manflu) Still at least we got to watch it in relative peace…….well if you block out the snoring!!!!!

Just a short run today, it was my original plan to go first thing this morning but after last nights weather forecast I didn’t fancy running on the freezing rain – rain that freezes! So I sneaked out for a cheeky couple of miles after Asda Big Shop. It was like running in a fridge, out n back as fast as I could before I had freezing sweat – sweat that freezes. How I manage to sweat when I’m shivering is beyond me. Anyway..

2.1 miles in 16 mins and 58 secs

A warmer run tomorrow (please)

Bring it on

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