YakTrax Running Review and Poo Power……………

I know I know, it was meant to be a running free day but I just couldn’t do it, another day without a run filled me with dread……………My name’s Dawn Earnshaw and I’m addicted to running!!   Still a combination of the overnight snow and the ridiculous amount of homework Jack needed help with meant I wouldn’t be going far. So pre lunchtime and despite some rolling of the eyeballs from hubby, I donned my running gear claiming I had to test out my Yaktrax while the snow was still here (I bought them last year during a bout of bad weather and then the sun came out!) and off I went. So what do I think of the Yaktrax, well……….

The Plus Points

  • you don’t have to keep jumping onto the road to avoid the dodgy bits of snow thus saving ankle injury and being hit by the 110 bus.
  • You can probably run further than you would without them.
  • Running in the snow gives your legs a great work out.

The Not So Plus Points

  • A bit like British Rail trains they only work in certain types of snow (It would have been helpful if I’d read the box before I set off, whoops) so compacted snow is great but any slushier bits or fresh snow is hard going, I went off the beaten track thus fresh snow and a bloody hard run. 
  • They are not very comfy when wearing Nike + free runners but hey whats a bit of discomfort if it means you can get out and run.
  •  You have to put up with people gawping at you as if you’ve got two heads or making comments like ‘are you mad running in this’ Well better mad than a lard arse, I did refrain from shouting this back cos she looked dead hard and I’m not!

So my overall opinion, well it beats dreadmill running and in the right sort of snow will be fine. Now all I need is for the snow (right sort) to last a bit longer so I can get my moneys worth!!

 Run over, homework help time. My son is in his first year of high school and its  fair to say that some weeks the amount of homework he gets is ridiculous. We’ve made models of everything from sperm cells (amazing what you can do with bubble wrap and an elastic band, still can’t believe my sister wanted to know why we hadn’t made it to scale!!) to  particle properties. At least thats interesting, this weekend he had electrical circuits (do I look like a sparky) more pointless posters in R.E- ten commandments this week and he had to do a report for the local council suggesting alternative power stations to fossil fuel, all the pro’s and con’s and which one he would recommed for this area. Pretty ironic really as the power station we had in this area was shut down 20 years ago.  2 hours later and the report was done not sure how well his suggestion of poo power (biogas) will go down but I think it was his way of saying this is shit!!! Just a carrot to draw now and then the poor kids finished, well for today.

3.3 miles done in 29.55 minutes

Snow free running tomorrow?

Bring it on

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. happyday2day
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 22:55:31

    your addicted!!!…and good on you Dawn….you need a rest though x


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