Off to Watch the Wildcats Roar………….Part 2

So off we went to Widnes, it was bloody freezing. So many layers of clothing on it was a struggle to breathe never mind down a match day pint, but I managed, just!!!!

Within 2 minutes of KO it was clearly obvious what the Ref had been told to do, let Widnes win, no matter what. Such a shame we spoilt their party. Brilliant game and after a season of watching dire rugby last year it made a nice change to see Wakey pass the ball around.

So back on the bus home, just our luck that:

The heating didn’t work

Billy bus driver set off home in the wrong direction, yep we nearly ended up in Wales instead of Wakefield.!!!!

Another pint in the club and then home to thaw out (1:30 am)

Sleep in tomorrow me thinks.

Rugby League and Running.

Bring it on.

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