Year 6 watch out, the Netball Queen’s about!

So Janathon day 26 dawned, bright, sunny and cold, perfect weather for my favourite day of the week, P.E day. Be it the weather or the P.E, I seemed to have recovered from my bout of CBA syndrome and was raring to go. No hockey this week,but  another sport I know sod all about, Netball!! All I remember was the short kilts, yellow artex tops and the blue tinged legs when you’d finished. Still, I’ll have a go at anything. So we stuck to simple rules, 5 a side, don’t move with the ball, if the ball goes out opposing team gets it and NO PHYSICAL CONTACT. After being accused of been too competitive last week I thought I’d better be careful. Whoops, 2 minutes gone and I’d all but laid one of the kids out flat (got the ball though!) To make it fair I kept swapping sides……..Yeah right, just wanted to be on the winning team!! Game over, like true sportsman we all shook hands, sort of, well I couldn’t resist raising my hand to my nose and wiggling my fingers ! One day I’ll grow up.

A bright day made for a crisp and clear night sky, perfect running and rugby training weather. So while the kids trained we set off for our usual 6 mile trot. The first four miles were more of a gallop than a trot as we flew round, barely able to  grunt the odd sentence at each other. Thankfully the hill just after mile four saw us doing a more leisurely pace ( we walked!) and conversation resumed. Tonights topic of conversation, same sex marriages, artificial insemination and a rather large test tube………..Well it takes your mind of the running. Can’t wait to see what we talk about for 10 miles on Sunday!

I think the clear night is going to make for a frosty morning, great, ‘Asda big shop’ day means it will be early morning run day tomorrow, can’t wait. Still running gears out at the side of my bed, including the thermals,I’ll be fine with the right kit on!!!

6 miles in 57 minutes and 3 seconds, 129 Janathon miles done to date and only5 days left, wahoo.

Janathon Day 27

Bring it on.

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  1. Lesley Boniface
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 22:19:53

    Well done – I hated netball at school I was always goalkeeper (scarred for life). It’s amazing what you find to talk about when you’re running with someone – some of our topics have been quite varied!


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