My Olympic vision – bit of a blur

So out into the frost and fog early evening time and I was glad I chose to get my run out of the way sooner rather than later as some of the paths were starting to get slippy, well nearly all the paths. Deciding to run up to Sandal Castle through the farmers field was a big mistake. It  is usually a bit of a no go this time of year but I expected it to be frozen solid,wrong. I felt like I’d done a round  on total wipeout by the time I’d made it to the top, my calves were throbbing. Still, great hill training.

 To be honest, barring the mud wading the rest of the run passed in a blur as I was deep in thought deciding what to say in tomorrows assembly. The school I work at are launching their Olympic programme in the morning and as I am running the National Lottery Olympic park run. The kids are going to be asked to design a logo for a warm -up top for me to wear. Downside is I’ve been asked to say a few words about why I’m doing it, what the Olympics means to me and what I’d like to see in a logo. Easier said than done. I’m pretty passionate about trying to get kids involved in sport and I hate the fact that we are bringing up a generation of computer playing inactive kids, I think the Olympics is a chance to try and get a few of them off the sofa , but how do I put that into primary school language.I can just imagine them going home and saying ‘ Mrs Earnshaw says we spend too long on the sofa!!’ I’d also love to tell them that when I was at school I was the four-eyed,brace wearing chubby kid who was always the last to get picked in games, but I never gave up and hey, look at me now, I love sport. But I don’t think I’d get away with that one either. I think I’ll just tell them I love pink, running and rugby league and see what they come up with.

Anyway, back to the running,Halfway through now, 4.3 miles in 36 mins 46 secs. Hope it thaws out a bit for morning or I might have to change my footwear.

Janothan Day 17

Bring it on!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. happyday2day
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 21:50:32

    WOW that sounds like a lovely route Dawn I do like castles 🙂 and good luck in the morning x


  2. hmdawson11
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 08:30:22

    I think you should dye your hair pink again for it!


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