Wind wind go away cos I can’t hear my Ipod play

So the wind continues to blow and the rain continues to hammer down, Janathon day 4, bring it on!!!

Still I made it out again, with just my ipod for company, not that I could hear it for most of the way  round, on the plus side the wind also drowned out the sound of my huffing and puffing so I battled on best I could. Ironic songs on my playlist- ‘I made it through the rain’ and ‘Here comes the rain again’- right on both counts. Another 3.9 miles in the bag.

Things still not going to plan as I intended to run six, but my New Year promise to be more organised with meals hasn’t quiet happened yet, (I’m sure once I’ve done my Asda big shop all will be fine) and my darling son suddenly remembered that  his science project, making 3 models to show particle properties in Solids liquids and gas, had to be in tommorow, joy!!! Amazing what you can do with polystyrene balls, cocktail sticks and PVA glue. Both reasons meant it was a frantic dash for a quick run before getting back to do the homework.

Speaking of science, having moved from year 1 to 6, (I’m a teaching assistant) first lesson I had to teach on my own was living and non-living things. After a great afternoons work we had some quick fire questions. So whats the collective name for  plants and animals……….. Living ORGASM………..nearly right!!!

So my planned run tommorow, not saying then it can’t go wrong.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. happyday2day
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 22:15:07

    hahahaha!! brilliant blog Dawn ….my tutor once said she liked to encourage organic conversation…I totally miss heard her!!!…x


  2. Lesley Wallace
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 22:24:28

    I’m a HLTA in reception and get lots of laughs with things the kids say – we should publish a book!


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